Ellen Harvey Showell

Selected Works

Children's Fiction: Ghost Stories and Mysteries
A realistic tale set in Appalachian hill country. 12-year old Willy and his sister dare to befriend a wild child of the woods--even though she is said to have drowned years ago. They take separate paths to discover the truth about her--just in time to prevent another tragedy. An Authors' Guild Backinprint edition.
History of American Women In Science: Inventors
True to the author's bent, this non-fiction book starts with an original fairy tale. Otherwise, it presents real stories of fascinating women inventors from colonial days to outstanding scientists of present time. Co-authored with Fred M.B. Amram. Ideal for homeschoolers.
Musical Plays for Children to Perform
A young girl who loves to dance finds a fiddle-playing boy on magical Blue Mountain. An Appalachian fairy tale with traditional and original songs. Based on the novel by the same name.
A musical play on words, ideal for elementary or middle school productions. Six syllables become a word that has to find its meaning -- a hilarious exploration of language. Fun, jazzy songs and dances. Could complement a poetry or creative writing unit.
Death Penalty
In this one-act play described as "Powerful," "Deeply moving,", Men and women with opposite feelings about the death penalty confront condemned persons and each other--and a medical technician confronts his own soul. "It makes you think." Especially suitable for death penalty focus groups. Feel free to downloadthe script.


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From CHILDREN'S LITERATURE...A Newsletter for Adults

"A real plus for teachers and homeschoolers is the activities that accompany each chapter and the resources in the appendices." Marilyn Courtot

From an article in the Arlington JOURNAL

By Judy Pomeranz

"Amram's orientation was toward the process of inventing, while Showell's interest was in providing children with examples of successful inventors. Far from creating collaborative difficulties, these different perspectives resulted in a final product that's an intriguing amalgamation of the two points of view.....

"Each chapter concludes with a series of exercises designed to engage young readers in identifying problems, carrying out research, applying brainstorming and other creative-thought techniques to problem solving, and conducting experiments to determine the validity of possible solutions....

"Children from 8 to 14 will be intrigued with the stories of inventions ranging from the flat iron to Kevlar fiber, from farm equipment to telephone switching machines, and from Scotchgard fabric treatment to the figure-enhancing swimsuit. They'll be inspired by the success stories and personal accounts, and they'll test their wings with the exercises."

From Indian Corn to Outer Space, WOMEN INVENT IN AMERICA

Nobel prize winning inventor Gertrude
said, "If we don't have curiosity,
we don't have science."

Why do girls tend to lose interest in science at adolescence? How can we encourage both boys and girls to remain open, curious and questioning?... This book is a tool to help develop the curious mind. It provides role models for girls in the lives and achievements of women inventors. It provides inspiration and challenges to all young people.

* An historical look at women inventors from Colonial days to present time. Women's achievements grow as they gain rights. The link between freedom and creativity becomes clear.

* Fascinating first person accounts by contemporary inventors, including NASA women. Biographical data on many extraordinary inventors.

* Clear discussion of patents, trademarks, etc. with mock patent application

* The nuts and bolts of how to profit from an idea

* Creative exercises and puzzles after each chapter. Dramatics, group activities, suggested reading and writing assignments.

* Photographs, patent drawings and amusing sketches throughout book

The co-authors are ELLEN H. SHOWELL and FRED M.B. AMRAM, PHd. Dr. Amram, now retired, was an award winning professor of speech, communication and creativity at the University of Minnesota. He has lectured widely on women inventors and has been curator of several exhibitions highlighting the achievements of women inventors.

Published by Cobblestone Publishing, Inc., a division of Carus Publishing Company,30 Grove St., Suite C, Peterborough, NH 03458. 160 pages. Soft cover. Index. Grades 4-9. $19.50 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Order online by clicking on the Cobblestone link at top of page, or call 1-800-821-0115.